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bangla computer magazine comjagat January 2013

Hi Guys, I am sharing Bangla technology Magazine computer jagot with You, We all know, this one is the best bangla computer magazine ever! personally, I am reading this magazine nearly 12 years, Today this is free gift for you, well, last day I already share another copy of this bangla magazine , Here is the link where you can see : June 2013 Issue

Bangla computer magazine comjagat January 2013 Issue Free download

bangla computer magazine

Story Head line

  1. What we (got) obtain from 2012
  2. Changing slogan ‘Digital Bangladesh’ Suffix for us to implement – availability in this report cover made of Imdadul.
  3. New Year’s wishes to the Digital Bangladesh
  4. ITU conference and the promise of BTRC Chairman
  5. Windows Server 2012: Network card timing
  6. and more story

Magazine Name: Computer Jagot
Language: Bangla Language mix English
File type: PDF version
Copyright Issue: Free, Download share all thing free
Magazine Category: Bangla Technology magazine
Price: Printable Version not cost Free but PDF version fully free
Current Issue: Jun 2013

Where You can download


want to read online just read here


Bangla Computer Magazine computer jagat June 2013 Issue

Bangla Computer Magazine Free download

bangla computer magazine

Bangla computer magazine

Magazine Highlight:  

  • The cyber crime in Bangladesh
  • Cyber crime in Bangladesh in increasing day by day we all know,  Our country 1step ahead then others country.

Others Most Important Highlights

  • Mobile operators involved in illegal VIOP business.
  • Some Google search strategy
  • Some mobile applications article
  • The price of anarchy of the Internet service
  • Digital Bangladesh and BTRC

In English Section:

  • Digital Forensic Lab How Long We Have to Wait?
  • And others regular section available as usual

Magazine Name: Computer Jagot
Language: Bangla Language
File type: PDF version
Copyright Issue: Free, Download share all thing free
Magazine Category: Bangla Technology magazine
Price: Printable Version not cost Free but PDF version fully free
Current Issue: June 2013


You can read this magazine online here it’s:

Bangla Islamic Books Nobijir Namaj

Nobijir Namaj Free Bangla PDF  version bangla books, you can download free, Upload

Bangla Islamic Books

Bangla Islamic Books

Details Information about this Islamic Book:

Book Name: Nobijir Namaj
Author Name: Dr. Shaikh Mohammad Elias Faisal
Translated by: Moulana Mohammad Zakaria Abdullah
Publisher: Mohammad Habibur Rahman Khan
Mumtaz Laibery
Islamic Tower, 6th Floor, 11 Bangla bazzar, Dhaka 1100
Price : 340 Tk
PDF version : Free To download and share
Copyright Law: Free


Nobijir Namaj-Sheikh Illyas Foysol

Free english stop word list pdf guide download

English stop word list- A full guide free download powered by Bangla book downloading website

English stop word list

Free English stop word list

Do you know Most search engines do not consider extremely common words in order to speed up search results or to save disk space. These filtered words are known as “Stop Words”. So I think you got your answer what is “stop word”, So I no need to explain What is stop word?

A comprehensive list of words ignored by search engines. If you want to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) result, You should memorize and try to avoid using stop word.


Well, Friends if you want to learn HTML check out My previous post where you will get a html guide for free

Bangla html guide download

A powerfull html guide download With Example in Bangla

html guide download:

How it is powerful: I am describing how it’s powerful,

  • This is book is powerful because of it’s easy to learn
  • Written in easy language
  • Available description of all major tags
  • Every tag have unique example easy to understand
  • Description of all the attributes
Powerful html guide download

Powerful html guide download


Written by

AK AM Mizanur Rahman Mizan

BSC(HONS) -2010-2011
Computer science and Engineering
Islamic University, Bangladesh

Book Language : Bangla  HTML Books , Copyright Status : Free , Total Pages : 75


Included discussion:

  1. Introduction of HTML
  2. History of HTML
  3. How to write HTML
  4. Introduction to Different kind’s documents
  5. Html Elements
  7. Html Heading and paragraph with Text formatting
  8. Using fonts, line break, link,
  9. How to do comments box
  10. Html color code list table
  11. Html Layout Table many more

This is my personal comments about this book, I think this is the best html guide book free available in Internet, I like to thanks Mizan for his efforts


Setting up lan network pdf Ebook Free download.

Setting up LAN network pdf Books:


Setting up LAN network pdf Ebooks

How to Setting up and create a Local Area Network (LAN) within Windows XP/ windows 7 / windows 8, All operating system networking system are nearly same same. Check out the pdf book you will get full idea about LAN networking?

I hope this LAN PDF guide will help you to learn about LAN (Local Area network). This pdf guide tech you step by step through the setting up of the Network. Thank you for reading and downloading. Welcome good or bad. Please drop a comments  if you wish .

Password: pcpbd.com


LAN guide credit goes to : business Letter Simple



Bangla poem book free download – Roktato Kopal and YOU

Bangla poem book free download

Bangla Poem, Though Bangladeshi people not fan of the poem, But today I will give you a Poem Book, my request to all of you please read this book one time. It’s contain over 50 poem –

Bangla poem book free download

Bangla poem book free download

Book Name: Roktato Kopal and You

Writer: Asraf Hossain

First Publish : Eesha book fair 1999

Price : only 25 Taka for Print copy (But digital, I mean PDF is free to download and distribute)

File format: Zip (But after extract you will get PDF file)

Copyright Issue: Free

Poem List –

1. Manse AMR
2. Premerr Soir
3. Ga Soua
4. Jodi Kokhono
5. Nirjon Chatoki
6. Nai
7. jibon Thamana
8. kacha tana
9. Potha Ophota
10. Manina
11. Nill Toala
12. Manus sobai
13. Sapodar dhag
14. Mora santo hobo
15. badona Bidur Mona
16. Uzzal Surzo and letter
17. Thiti
18. Porajo
19. Nai Odikar
20. Bestirno Fosolarr mat

Many more….

wordpress security ebook in Bangla Most Improve version

WordPress security ebook in Bangla, Do you know what is WordPress, WordPress is Most popular and most use CMS/ Blogging system, This is Bangla book on wordpress security.

WordPress security ebook in Bangla

Bangla WordPress Book! বাংলা ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস বুক ডাউনলোড করুন ফ্রি ফ্রি
Book Name
WordPress security
Book Language Bangla
File Type: PDF
Copyright : Free to distribute
 Total Pages:  16

Featured topics

  • How to Install WordPress Securely
    Know all about File permission
    How to Save website form brute force attack
    All about .htaccess
    How to use Bulletproof security plugin


Deyal humayun ahmed book full free Download!

I think, I don’t need tell anyone who is Humayun Ahmed, He One of the greatest Bangladeshi writer, And Deyal is her last Novel. Because he is no more with us. But his creativity still with us. Deyal humayun ahmed book full free Download and read. It’s Free Open source.

deyal humayun ahmed book

Deyal humayun ahmed book

Book Information

Book Language: Bangla
Total Pages: 
File Type: PDF
Copyright : Free to distribute