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What you will learn from this book?
• Explore 10 SEO mistakes you must avoid to achieve top ranking and increase traffic on your site
• Get to grips with all the Drupal modules that are essential for SEO and may help your site rank well
• Create page titles and paths that search engines (and users) will love
• Learn about the 3 critical SEO problems that plague most Drupal sites and how to fix them
• Optimize video, images, and other media in your Drupal site so that search engine spiders can read their content
• Write content that users and the search engines will love and fix problems with duplicate content, robots.txt files, and .htaccess
• Set up systems in Drupal to automatically tag and organize your content
• Maximize the value of RSS, site speed, and Page rank in your Drupal site
• Implement usability testing, A/B testing, and conversions best practices to turn visits into revenue for your business
• Keep your site on a path of constant and never-ending improvement
Book Details
• Paperback: 240 pages
• Publisher: Packt Publishing (September, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1847198228
• ISBN-13: 978-1847198228
• File Size: 7.8 MB
• Hits: 2,861 times


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